Apples pies

Each hostess will be able feed her family with tasty and fragrant apples pies. You won"t need special culinary skills for this recipe. It is necessary to have all ingredients only. Apples pies will turn out special, and the kitchen will be filled with aromas which will draw attention even your neighbors.


  • Milk – 0,5 liters
  • Yeast dry – 2 tbsps
  • Sugar - 500 g.
  • Salt - 1 tsp
  • Eggs – 3 pieces
  • Vegetable oil – 200 гр.
  • Flour – is exactly so much that fluffy dough turned out
  • Icing sugar, vanilla essence.

  1. In warm milk, add sugar, salt and in this mix part dry shiver. As soon as yeast was dissolved and on a surface there were bubbles, add three egg yolks, vegetable oil and flour to weight. Knead dough, adding flour parts and every time mixing thoroughly. Fluffy dough which to shift in a pan has to turn out. Place in a warm place in order that dough approached.
  2. As soon as dough increased twice, to mix it once again, and to start cooking stuffing for pies. Apples will be stuffing. Wash apples, delete a core and cut them in a small pieces. Of course, it is possible to try to grate apples, but taste of stuffing will be not such attractive.
    Melkonarezanny applesMelkonarezanny apples
  3. Our dough once again increased in volume, divide into some parts, roll out it "sausage" which cut slices. Roll out each slice "Kolobok", and then roll it it is very thin, this moment is extremely important as taste of pies also depends on it.
    Cut dough a sausageCut dough a sausage
  4. On each rolled flat cake spread the cut apples, sprinkle a small amount of sugar. Cover stuffing with part of a flat cake, approximately to its middle and, press edges fingers.
    On a flat cake need to lay out applesOn a flat cake it is necessary to lay out apples
  5. In order that juice and the melted sugar didn"t follow, press corners of pies.
    Corners need to press slightlyCorners need to be pressed slightly
  6. That part of a flat cake which remained uninvolved, cut on some strips which shower on pie.
    Strips need to be thrown on pieStrips need to be thrown on pie
  7. Here so ready masterpieces look before going to an oven. However, it is necessary to set them aside in order that approached and on it at least 20 minutes are required.
    Apples pies before an ovenapples Pies before an oven
  8. After the baking sheet is sent tooven and the pastries will be reddened, it needs to be greased with in advance cooked mix which consists of white and sugar. For aroma add some drops of vanilla essence. Egg white with sugar is beaten by a fork before its full dissolution. Send the greased pastries for some minutes to an oven and toasted pies already on a dish. As one sweet teeth, this yum-yum live in my family, I powdered also with icing sugar.
    The apples pies sprinkled icing sugarthe apples Pies sprinkled icing sugar

Here such apples pies, pleasant pastime in a circle of relatives and dear people with guarantee. On average, on preparation of this dish 3 hours left, but the spent time is worth it.

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