Salad from tofu skin

Tofu skin – one of those universal products which can be used as in hot, and cold dishes. The high content of vegetable protein, simplicity of preparation and a delicate taste make it by the frequent guest on our table.

Most of people is familiar with a tofu skin in the form of the snack, along with marinated carrots or cellophane noodles. But, as a rule, it contains a large amount of vinegar and it is difficult to call it healthy food. We will cook easy and tasty second course which can be used as a dietary product, during a Fasting, in a vegetarian kitchen. The only complexity connected with preparation of tofu skin (yuba) is the time spending for its soaking.

Products of salad from tofu skin

  • Tofu skin – 250 grams
  • Onion – 1 bulb
  • Red paprika – 1 piece
  • Soy sauce – 2 tablespoons
  • Sugar – a half of a teaspoon
  • Salt – 2 pinches
  • coriander and paprika – to taste


Order of preparation salad from tofu skin

  1. Start the longest stage of preparation of tofu skin – a soaking. Get long dry plates from a pack and break them on small slices which are convenient for placing in a mouth.
  2. soak an tofu skin
    soak tofu skin
  3. Fill in tofu skin with water so that it covered it from above.
  4. Cut tofu skin on small sticks
    Cut tofu skin on small sticks
  5. When it became soft, it will be required to wait not less than 8 hours. Therefore it is better to wait for the night – to cook it for a dinner.
  6. In 8 hours it will increase in volume twice.
  7. An tofu skin considerably grew up
    tofu skin considerably grew up
  8. Peel and crush onion, then roast it in the heated oil till golden color. Add the red pepper cut by strips and stew 2 minutes.
  9. Add pepper and stew
    Add pepper and stew
  10. Merge surplus of water from tofu skin and shift it in a frying pan. Add salt and the crushed spices, at the end add soy sauce.
  11. add soy sauce
    Add soy sauce
  12. Add a little bit of sugar - steam of pinches, it will emphasize slightly sweetish taste of a soy tofu skin. Then it is necessary - simmer our soy tofu skin under a cover on a low heat within 1-2 minutes that it soaked with aromas of vegetables and spices. Lay out on plates and serve.
  13. An tofu skin on a plate
    tofu skin on a plate

This dish can be diversified, having added the fried meat. The tofu skin is tasty with any other vegetables: with tomatoes, with green beans, with carrots, with mushrooms and even with sesame or cucumber. It is possible to combine it with cellophane noodles. And still – in the form of an independent dish, salad or with a garnish from rice. Generally, the soy tofu skin is a product which allows to create in your kitchen.

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Salad from tofu skin
Salad from tofu skin
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