pancakes on fresh milk

Pancakes on fresh milk in Russia are cooked infrequently. Generally for this dish we use curdled milk, kefir or other lactic products. And here on other side of the earth pancakes possible to meet practically everywhere. They are eaten for breakfast, for lunch and even for dinner, using such additives, atypical for us, as a maple syrup. Cooking them also simply and quickly, as any other similar pastries.

Products for pancakes on milk

  • Fat cow`s milk – 1 glass (200 milliliters)
  • Flour – 1 glass
  • Egg – 1 piece
  • baking powder – 1 teaspoon
  • Sugar – 2 tablespoons,
  • Vegetable oil - for frying.

Products for pancake
Products for pancake

Direction of pancakes on milk

  1. After that take a suitable bowl and beat in it egg together with sugar before formation of foam.

  2. Then it is gradually entered into mix milk and mix a little.

  3. That our pancakes turned out magnificent flour better to sift, previously having poured out a baking powder for receiving more uniform dough there. Sometimes instead of a baking powder you may use soda, extinguished vinegar and even yeast.

  4. sift flour for dough
    Sift flour for dough

  5. flour will enter in also small portions.

  6. As a result ready dough of a consistence of dense sour cream has to turn out.

  7. Bring mix to a condition of dense sour cream
    Bring mix to a condition of dense sour cream

  8. How to check it? On a frying pan pour out about 1 tablespoon of dough that it turned out small pancakes. Weight thus rather easily separates, and doesn`t spread on a frying pan and well holds the form.

  9. For receiving magnificent oladii – the frying pan needs to be warmed up on a high heat. Ideal pancakes do without oil, that is spread dough for the heated nonstick frying pan. After that they are covered. Fire should be lowered almost to a minimum.

  10. The cooked dough mix before pastries

    the Cooked dough mix before pastries

  11. In the beginning pancakes look flat.

  12. start baking pancakes
    Start baking pancakes

  13. 2 minutes later under a cover they start being inflated promptly, and in dough there will be small bubbles. Having hooked pancakes a paddle and having convinced that it blushed enough, to turn it on other party.

  14. Soon pancakes will need to be turned on the other side
    Soon pancakes will need to be turned on the other side

  15. Again cover it and fry until done.

  16. Ready pancakes on a plate
    Ready pancakes on a plate

  17. After frying there is no need to spread them on a napkin that excess fat flew down. They taste like something between pancakes, rich flat cakes and pancakes.

  18. The surface at these pancakes turns out smooth and equal, almost like at pancakes. It is possible to make them larger, such as in the West. Traditionally pancakes are eaten hot. Bon appetit!

    Advice. pancakes unlike sour-milk pancakes habitual to us have no pronounced taste. Therefore it is best of all to serve them sour sour cream, any sour jam of type cherry or even with the cranberry ground with sugar.

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pancakes on fresh milk
pancakes on fresh milk
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