Dressed herring salad

There are different recipes of dressed herring. This recipe of salad is classical because it was cooked practically by each Soviet hostess of our country. In other countries it is less appreciated and therefore, is less popular, and it is a pity.

We, Russians, understand how much they lose, without doing such tasty salad of fish. During the late Soviet period it was done, nearly in each family and, it is obligatory for New Year"s evening. We suggest also you to refresh this remarkable recipe in memory and to make the hands this remarkable salad which "dressed herring" is called. Don"t forget to stock up with carrots, apple, beet and, of course, a herring.


  • Ready fillet of herring or 1-2 salty herrings - 300 grams
  • Potatoes - 2 pieces
  • Carrots - 2 pieces
  • Beet - 2 pieces
  • Apple - 1 piece
  • Onions - 1 piece
  • Mayonnaise - 1-2 packs

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Cooking method of Dressed herring salad

  1. Cut fillet of herring on small slices. Upon purchase of the whole herring it is necessary to peel it of interiors and bones. If to leave bones, one of them as ill luck would have it will surely get to someone from your dear guests and to you it will be extremely awkward thus. Therefore that it didn"t occur it is necessary to exempt it from all bones completely: and small and big.
  2. Small to crumble, fill in onions with boiled water and to leave for 10 minutes. After that to merge water.
  3. Boil carrots, beet and potatoes to full readiness and after that separately to grate average by the size. We put all vegetables in separate plates.
  4. Peel apple and grate.
  5. Lay potatoes layer on a bottom of a flat vessel. Then accurately to level it and to grease with mayonnaise.
  6. After that lay out a herring layer which too grease with mayonnaise.
  7. On herring spread onions.
  8. On onions spread grated carrots and to grease it with mayonnaise.
  9. Put a layer of grated apple which too grease with a mayonnaise quantity on carrots.
  10. Spread the finishing layer beet which should be leveled too.
  11. Decorate from above with a small layer of mayonnaise.
  12. On all perimeter of a dish we decorate salad by means of green tinned peas and the compositions made of boiled carrots.

Note. This salad on technology differs from the standard recipe of dressed herring a little, but in this case each site of salad, will contain approximately same ratio of products, as well as other sites. Therefore your invited guests will get both "fur coat" and a herring! From a herring it is possible to cook skillfully the mass of other dishes, for example.

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Dressed herring salad
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